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The HydraFacial Experience!

Read one believer’s review about her first HydraFacial experience as re-counted on Trip Advisor:

The HydraFacial treatment is on the cutting edge of skin care technology. It is cropping up in spas across the nation because of its marked improvement to moisturize and exfoliate compared to other facial processes. Because I had recently had IPL laser treatment for sun damage, I had an abbreviated, but still effective and highly enjoyable hour. Personally, I prefer a facial over a massage for relaxation at the spa. The light pressure on tight facial muscles and soothing circular motion of the HydraFacial wand was nearly hypnotizing in its calming action. The woman who expertly handled the machine began the session with a short explanation of the procedure and questions in order to personalize my experience. Next, my face was exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and allow the hydration to more deeply penetrate. A painless acid peel usually follows (more benign than it sounds) then the extraction begins. After cooling gel was placed on my face, I felt the wand go to work. The wand feels a bit like a very small vacuum with a brush tip. It pleasantly tickles and was over much too soon. At this point, my face already felt amazingly smooth. I have finicky skin that is dry, but inexplicably prone to breakouts with the slightest introduction of pore-clogging product. Because of this, I am left with a very narrow list of dos and don’ts for my skin and I tend to always feel dry. I’ve now found a solution!


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