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5 reasons to try a hydrafacial!

Electra Laser is excited to introduce our newest treatment, the Hydrafacial! Please read the blog post below from www.sofeminine.uk to hear one person’s experience. We will shortly be offering this fabulous world famous treatment here in Vancouver!

Ever had a facial which has been rather pampering and lovely but notably dissatisfying with results?

Then you need to know about the Hollywood approved HydraFacial. We sent our Fashion and Beauty Editor to try it out…

HydraFacial Review

Having your skin cleansed and massaged for an hour is wonderfully restorative for your soul, and sure, your skin will look plump with product post treatment – but when it comes to getting real results for your money sometimes you need to take a different approach. And I’m not talking botox. Forget the hour of twinkly music and go for a twenty minute quickie at Dr. Rita Rakus’ Knightsbridge practice. The latest facial to get the A list all excited is the HydraFacial – and after having had it, I can safely say, it’s a little bit special.

The entire HydraFacial is performed using a vacuum based skin abrasion tip which is loaded with various serums, specially formulated to target and combat different skin complaints. And while having a probe massage your face doesn’t feel quite as soothing as skilled facialist’s hands, the results are remarkable.

The probe removes dead skin cells while bathing the healthy underlying skin with deep cleansing, exfoliating and antioxidant serums meaning that they are worked deep into the skin – exactly where they can take effect. The serums are clinically formulated to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, congested pores, hyper-pigmentation and acne-prone skin and are prescribed according to your needs. My therapist loaded the tip with a de-congesting serum for my blocked pores and a skin plumping serum to help add extra moisture to fill fine lines. My two main skincare woes targeted in one quick and easy session!

Before starting I wipe away all traces of foundation and am relieved to know I won’t have to take off my eye make-up – this really is a facial for on-the-go girls. There are so many pro’s to this snazzy treatment that I want to gush through them all out at once – but let’s consider the pro’s one by one…

1. Celebrity Approved

I admit it. I’m a sucker for any Hollywood treatment prefered by the stars. The 50 minute version of the HydraFacial is a must for red carpet regulars Kate Winslet, Beyonce and Eva Mendes. After having met Eva earlier this year – I would try ANYTHING this 38-year-old has to get my mid twenties complexion looking half as good.

2. It does what it says it’s going to

HydraFacial claim: “Treatments are quick, relaxing and effective. After the treatment, the skin is radiantly clean, refined, moist and polished.” And I can’t say anything to the contrary. After being prodded for 20 minutes I left with a couple of pink patches, but nothing that couldn’t be mistaken for a mid-afternoon flush. Twenty minutes after the treatment and there’s no traces of redness – making it a perfect lunch time pick-me-up.

3. Your skin will just keep on getting better

The best way to get initial results is to book in for a course of six – one treatment a week. This will get your skin to a standard that is significantly improved. Fine lines will be diminished, hyperpigmentation less obvious and congestion cleared away. After six weeks of treatments you can have a maintenance treatment once every two months.

4. Bespoke treatment every time

The HydraFacial is tailored to your individual skincare needs, meaning you will get a bespoke treatment suited to your skin’s requirements. Feel special much?

5. Visible results

I went into the facial hoping to rid my skin of that London look. My skin was anything but Rimmel ready.

Congested pores, dull appearance and lack lustre – I was praying that this would be the facial to attack all traces of blackheads and buff me up a treat.I wasn’t disappointed. My pores were prepped with the decongestive serum before my therapist used the tip to suck out pretty much everything that was in them. She showed me the results half way through so I could see the difference and it’s a good job I was already lying down.

If you want squeeky clean pores that are HD ready then it doesn’t get much better. The HydraFacial literally rids you of any grime and build up – my skin was almost singing with delight. Post treatment I couldn’t believe I was make-up free. My skin looked even, bright and glowy – and I headed to the office where I was greeted with lots of welcome words about how ‘well rested’ I looked. Post treatment it’s recommended that you don’t touch your skin with any product until the next day – to allow your skin time to absorb whats already been pumped into it with the vacuum tip.

Sofeminine rating:

If you like results and hate fluff then this is a perfect facial for skin maintenance.

The results are pretty addictive – I know this isn’t the last HydraFacial I sign myself up for!


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