Red Vein Removal

Red Vein Removal

Spider veins can crop up for several reasons. They’re often due to genetics but environmental factors like pregnancy, spending a lot of time on your feet, poor diet, obesity, hormonal changes, inactivity and sun exposure can also play a role. Basically, when you have weak valves that can’t push blood through the vein it creates a traffic jam of sorts. The blood gets stuck leading to the appearance of spider veins.

Procedure Time
15 - 45 minutes (depending on the area)
Recovery Time
Pain Level
1 – 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart

Laser/IPL treatment is the safest, most natural way to treat these unsightly spider veins. We pass a laser over the vein so that light energy can make its way through the skin. It helps liquefy the coagulated blood that is trapped in the vessel. Your lymphatic system then simply flushes it out.


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What exactly are spider veins?

While spider veins aren’t life threatening, they can be unsightly and plain irritating to look at. Normally veins circulate blood across the body and return it back to the heart. Sometimes an accumulation of blood in the veins creates a backflow and spider veins develop, creating a spider web effect on the face or legs. Extreme exposure to the sun can especially irritate the condition in the face.

What is the reason behind people getting spider veins?

Spider veins can affect an adult in any stage of life and are caused by a variety of factors including gender, medical history and genetics. Fair-skinned people who are exposed to a lot of sun have a greater risk of developing facial spider veins.

How Long Does a Vein Treatment Session Take?

Spider vein removal only takes about 15-60 minutes. It is dependent on the number of veins in the treatment area. Your technician will discuss the timing during your complimentary consultation.

If I Have Spider Veins Removed, Are They Gone Forever?

Not necessarily. Since spider veins are genetic, they will continue to develop over time. People who get spider vein treatments usually get treatments every few years to maintain clear, smooth skin.


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