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New Year, New You!

This New Year Electra Laser wants to share with you 3 ways you can renew YOU in 2022:

1) Tighten up That Skin – Venus Freeze and Legacy

Sculpt, Lift, Tighten and cellulite be gone! Achieve firmer more contoured skin with Venus Freeze/Legacy this new year. Ever wonder how celebrities achieve such firm glowing skin? Venus Freeze/ Legacy Body Contouring is a non-invasive, pain-free alternative to surgery that targets loose skin on the face, neck and body. Using a unique combination of Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulses, Venus Freeze has the ability to access deeply into the skin. Resulting in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, as well as fat disolving, which is then reabsorbed by the body. Give yourself the extra boost this year and book in for some skin tightening magic with Venus Freeze/Legacy.

2) Hair be Gone! – Laser Hair Removal

Save not only money but time this New Year with Laser Hair Removal. Toss those pesky irritating razors and overpriced shaving creams out the door and say hello to time-saving, razor burn-free, smooth skin. Maybe you’ve heard about it, read about it, know of a co-worker who has seen amazing results from it, think about it every time you realize you forgot to shave. 2022 is the year to finally stop procrastinating and book yourself in for a complimentary laser hair removal consultation and get started on your smooth skin journey today. P.S if you start now expect to be pretty hairless by summer and enjoy every last-minute decision to wear shorts or throw on a bikini and head to the beach.

3) Glow Within and Out – Skin Rejuvenation

Glow this 2022, not only inside but out! We can’t lie, we’re all better people when our skin is glowing and healthy so this New Year we want to help you be the best person you can be inside and out. Here at Electra Laser, we have multiple treatment options to help deliver your skin health goals, whether you’re looking for ways to even out your complexion, banish some acne or just update your skincare routine! We got you. One of our favorite treatments to achieve healthy beautiful glowing skin is Laser Genesis; No downtime and pain-free, this treatment is popular for its easy results and can also be combined with the cult favorite, HydraFacial for that extra glow. This new year, invest in yourself and book in for a complimentary skin consultation to get started on your skin health journey today.

– The Electra Laser Team


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