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ArticlesThe Only Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Need This Season

The Only Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Need This Season

Looking for that perfect Holiday Gift or cute Stocking Stuffers! Weve rounded up our favourite Gift ideas and Stocking Stuffers for you!


HydraFacial is the perfect gift, because it fits everyone! HydraFacial is an amazing, 30-minute 3 step, powerful facial that helps deep clean, extract, exfoliate, and hydrate skin, all in one relaxing, pain free treatment! HydraFacial helps your skin feel and look its best, giving you the hydrated glow we all want this holiday season.


Micro-needling, also known as collagen-induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, known for helping with scarring, enlarged pores, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles. Micro-needling helps overall facial rejuvenation and anti-aging – which is a gift everyone wants! It works by using a device that uses sterile needles to create micro-injuries in skin, which helps stimulate the production of collagen. The result, is new, fresh, glowing skin!

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is the perfect treatment for someone who wants to rejuvenate their skin without any downtime, irritation, or pain. Laser Genesis treatments target fine lines, tighten pores, lightens pigmentation, helps control oil, reduce skin inflammation and redness, and kills acne causing bacteria leaving you with clearer, brighter skin. Laser genesis works by heating the underlying tissue, and is scientifically proven to help produce collagen for an overall improvement of skins appearance and texture.

The great gift ideas don’t stop at treatments, we also have products that fit everyone’s skin needs that make the perfect Stocking Stuffers. Our wish list includes:

Pro-Derm Hydrogel – Relieving and hydrating stretched or itchy skin, Hydrogel uses vegetal and marine active ingredients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties to ensure exceptional efficiency. This extra hydrating gel helps rapidly sooth skin that has been irritated or reddened and is the perfect choice for skin that has been exposed to the sun, hair removal or laser treatments.

Zo Skin Health Daily Power Defense – This advanced serum strengthens skin’s protective barrier while defending against environmental stressors and premature signs of aging, using vitamins A & E. A Zo Skin Health best seller, this daily serum helps support continuously healthy skin, helping accelerate skin barrier restoration and extending skin hydration.

Zo Skin Health Gentle Cleanser – This silky gel formula cleanser deeply cleans to remove oil, makeup, and other impurities and is ideal for all skin types. Sodium lauryl, oat amino acids support skins barrier function, while the botanical extract blend provides antioxidant benefits.

Zo Skin Health Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 – This dual-action sunscreen protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB rays. It Hydrates skin, provides anti-oxidant properties with vitamin, E, and doubles as a makeup primer for a smooth matte finish, helping diminish skin imperfections.

Not sure what to get those special people in your life. Come by the clinic and we’d love to help you pick out the perfect gift.

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