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Product of the MonthNovember Feature Product – Vivier TMR

November Feature Product – Vivier TMR

Not ready to make the jump to Botox? Vivier’s TMR is the product for you!


TMR Peptide Serum is an anti-aging, medical grade topical muscle relaxant that helps reduce the appearance and recurrence of facial wrinkles such as furrow lines, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet. Wrinkles and fine lines appear reduced without any paralysis or loss of natural expression. TMR is part of the corrective program in the Vivier line of products and is ideal for all skin types. TMR contains Acetyl Hexa-Peptide 3 to relax muscles without causing paralysis and can be used in combination with Botox and wrinkle fillers for prolongation of results. TMR will help smooth and soften the skin of your face, neck and décolleté for a fresh and youthful appearance.


  • Peptides relax muscles without causing paralysis
  • Helps prevent facial wrinkles
  • Formulated to be used alone or under makeup
  • Formula is lightweight and fast-absorbing
  • Fragrance free, oil free, and alcohol free

How to Apply TMR Serum

TMR Topical Serum is packaged in 15 ml bottles and applied with a eye dropper and your palms & fingertips. When you open your bottle of TMR, remove and discard the white cap and replace with the supplied dropper. Place 2 – 4 drops in the palm of your hand. Use your fingertips to apply a thin layer to the face, neck and chest area as desired. Tighten the dropper securely after each use.






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