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Product of the MonthJanuary Feature Product

January Feature Product

Our January feature product is Vivier’s HydraGel, a powerhouse advanced B5 complex that helps your skin grab and hold on to moisture. Containing medical grade Hyaluronic Acid, this gel helps restore the skin’s barrier function leaving your complexion hydrated, reenergized and radiant. The Pro-Vitamin B5 helps accelerate skin tissue repair and enhance skin radiance.  The Glycosamino-glycans improve your skin’s water retention. It’s the ideal product to boost hydration and improve skin vitality before and after any procedure, and especially beneficial for cold and windy climates. HydraGel is oil-free and alcohol-free and can be used in combination with oral acne therapies. Use HydraGel in combination with your regular moisturizer to boost water retention – just a dab is all you need, and it goes on silky smooth. You will notice an immediate overall improvement. Sale price $62.55


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