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DiamondTome™ Microdermabrasion

DiamondTome™ Microdermabrasion is Different

Rather than blasting fine particulate matter at the surface of the skin, the DiamondTome™ system applies wands— tipped with natural diamond chips—directly to the surface of the skin. The tips of these wands vary in size and coarseness, depending on your specific skin-care needs.

This means that exfoliation only occurs where the wand is drawn across the skin, providing the skin-care specialist with a greater degree of accuracy and precision than other skin-resurfacing systems. Our technicians can work more accurately on sensitive areas because they are able to focus on specific areas of skin when treating you. Since the various DiamondTome™ wands provide different sizes and levels of coarseness, the technician can also select the most appropriate level of exfoliation to produce the best results—while still maintaining the greatest comfort for you.

Because there is no particulate matter involved, there is a much lower risk of matter mistakenly going into the eyes, or other highly sensitive areas. It also means that fine particulate matter from the machine is not accidentally left on the surface of the skin after treatment. Since there are no crystals being used, there are no abrasives to contaminate the skin or the environment after a treatment has been performed.

The natural diamond tips used in the DiamondTome™ system at our clinic are less likely to: irritate your skin, cause you discomfort, or trigger allergic and other adverse reactions. Clients with sensitive skin usually prefer the DiamondTome™ system over the crystal method because it is much gentler.


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