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August Feature Product

Let us introduce you to the newest product in Celazome’s skin care line  – Code 4,  cleverly named to mimic the medical phrase “code 4”, meaning “No Further Assistance Required”. Code 4 is a unique formula of natural ingredients that effectively completes your skin care regime.

Code 4 contains:

– GP4G: increases cellular defenses

– Coenzyme Q10: energizes skin cells

– Avocado Oil: rich in Vitamins A, D, E & Potassium

– Vitamin E: antioxidant that reduces trans-epidermal water loss

– Acetyl Tetra Peptide 9: stimulates collagen production

– Squalane: reduces skin irritation and allergic responses

– Aloe Vera: anti-microbial that replenishes moisture to the skin

What does all this mean for your skin? Simple! Code 4 helps improve your overall skin health and moisture! Use it in conjunction with your other skin care products or as a stand alone super star! Ask us for a test spritz at your next appointment!

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