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5 Reasons to Start Laser Hair Removal

5 Reasons to Start Laser Hair Removal

  1. It’s a Time and Money Saver

Do you currently wax, shave, Nair or use any other temporary solutions for hair removal? If your answer is yes, you’re not only wasting time but money. The average shaving session takes 11 minutes, the majority of women shave 1-2 times a week while the average man shaves at least once a day. That’s 66min a month on average of time wasted for a woman and 308 min a month for a man wasted. It is estimated that you will averagely waste over $10,000 on your shaving needs and waste 1,414 hours of your time shaving. So quit the razor and start getting laser to save not only time but money!

  1. Its Eco Friendly

Did you know approximately 200 billion disposable razors are produced a year just for America alone! And out of 200 billion disposable razors only 5% ever gets recycled. On top of this its reported 52% of women report they shave with the shower running the entire time! Resulting in the lose of 7,484 gallons of water each year and over 420,652 gallons in a lifetime (that’s enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool per person) Moving into 2021, its more important than ever that we do our best to remain eco friendly, so put your best foot forward by ditching the razor and switching to Laser!

  1. Say goodbye to razor burns, Bumps, and irritations

Nothing is worse than spending all your time and effort to shave only to come out of the shower a bumpy, bleeding irritated mess! The whole point of shaving is to improve your appearance or comfort, however the majority report experiencing pesky ingrowns and razor burns post shaving. After starting Laser Hair Removal, you will notice a Vass improvement in any bumps or irritations and quickly notice your skin becoming smoother and irritation free.

  1. Suitable for all skin types

When laser hair removal first came out in 1955 the technology wasn’t the best and most defiantly not suitable for all skin types. Back in the day these machines couldn’t detect the difference between hair follicles and dark skin resulting in skin discoloration and some nasty burns. Thankfully we’ve come along way since 1955 and can now offer treatments for all skin types safely and effectively.

  1. You’ll always be ready (especially for summer)

Ever been invited somewhere last minute? Maybe a date or a trip to the beach! You throw on your dress or swimsuit and quickly realize you haven’t shaved in a few weeks. You look to the shower and then to the clock, defiantly not enough time to hop in the shower and shave. So, you consider dry shaving quickly or maybe a quick sink shave resulting in irritated, bumpy red skin! Now you’ll spend the rest of your day hiding your irritated skin instead of truly enjoying yourself. Say goodbye to this and book in for some laser! You’ll need approx. 4-8 treatments and will need to come in approx. 4-6 weeks apart for each treatment. With every treatment you’ll notice less and less hair until eventually your left with bare smooth skin.


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